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IASP-SIG - Systematic Reviews in Pain Relief

Minutes of the Special Interest Group Meeting in Vancouver on Aug 1996 plus list of attendees can be found here

Minutes of the Special Interest Group Meeting in Barcelona Sept 1997

Newsletter Issue No. 1 March 1997

Welcome to the specialist interest group on systematic reviews in pain relief. We have recently received details of membership and have around 176 members from 32 countries.

We are now keen to get things moving and are hoping to draft a constitution soon. We also need to establish a committee which reflects the international nature of IASP and will be looking for willing volunteers! We already have a web page which lists over 270 published systematic reviews in the general area of pain related systematic reviews . If you know of other published systematic reviews that are not on this list then please let us know. We are considering adding a brief comment or description to each review; if you think this would be useful then again let us know.

We plan to use the web a fair amount to communicate about the SIG, but will also mail out to members who are not on the internet.


We hope to hold a SIG meeting in Barcelona at the European Federation of IASP Chapters meeting, Sept 24-7 1997. This should enable us to agree a constitution, get the committee up and running and give an opportunity for many to meet. Please let us know if you could be there for a meeting in Barcelona at that time.

At the Vancouver launch it was suggested that we hold an autumn meeting in Oxford. If you would be interested in coming please could you let us know so planning can begin. We could also run a workshop in writing systematic reviews if there is sufficient interest.

We would be grateful if you would complete the short questionnaire on the reverse and send/fax to the address below. This will be used to generate a register of interests which will be made available to all members.

Henry McQuay
Andrew Moore
Dawn Carroll
Phil Wiffen

Pain Relief Unit
Churchill Hospital
Oxford OX3 7LJ
Fax 44-1865-225775

Questionnaire - please fax / email back

Please tick those which apply:


Institution/Work Place
Tel No



I have previously written a systematic review

I am currently involved in a systematic review

I have not yet been involved writing a systematic review

I have access to the world-wide web

I would like a printed copy of the systematic review list (available to those who are not on the Internet)

I am willing for my details to be added to the register of interest in Systematic Reviews

Please provide brief details;

I would be interested in participating in a systematic review in the following subject



IASP Council Disclaimer

Timely topics in pain research and treatment have been selected for publication, but the information provided and opinions expressed have not involved any verification of the findings, conclusions and opinions by the IASP or the SIG on Systematic Reviews in Pain. Thus the opinions expressed in this web page do not necessarily reflect those of IASP, the SIG, or of the Officers and Councilors of either IASP or the SIG on Systematic Reviews in Pain. No responsibility is assumed by IASP or the SIG for any injury, and/or damage to persons or property as a matter of products liability, negligence or otherwise, or from any use or operation of any methods, products, instruction or ideas contained in the material herein. Because of the rapid advances in the medical sciences, the publisher recommends that independent verification of diagnoses and drug dosages should be made.

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