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Pain Research at Oxford

Let us introduce you to the work of the Oxford Pain Relief Unit based at the Churchill Hospital in Oxford. As part of the NHS the Pain Relief Unit treats over 100 patients with chronic pain a week, who come mainly from the centre of England, but also from elsewhere in the UK, and from abroad.

Who we are

The Trustees of the Pain Research Trust are Dr Chris Glynn (Chairman), Dr Tim Jack, Professor Henry McQuay and Dr Andrew Moore. Among them they have published around 1000 scientific articles. The Pain Unit has four distinct research activities that are outlined briefly below:

The Oxford Pain Relief Trust (Registered Charity number 1045307)

This charity was established initially to raise money for the current Pain Unit building, used for both treating patients and for research. Over £850,000 was raised and the building opened in 1998. The Trust is now planning further developments, including specialist training provision for UK and overseas doctors, and support for pain-related research locally and elsewhere. A long-term goal is the creation of a permanent pain research team within the University of Oxford.

Pain Research

Research is conducted under the auspices of the University of Oxford and headed by Henry McQuay, Professor of Pain Relief. Pioneering work has taken place over the last eight years into the development and application of evidence-based methods for research and practice. The team is internationally recognised for innovative thinking in many different areas.


International collaboration is an important part of our work. Housed within Pain Research is the Cochrane collaborative research group on Pain, Palliative and Supportive Care, and an International Association for the Study of Pain Special Interest Group on systematic reviews in pain. These groups are crucial to the development of global improvement in pain therapy, and in supportive and palliative care.


Bandolier is a bulletin about evidence-based healthcare. The first issue of Bandolier was published in February 1994. It has been produced monthly ever since. It has become the premier source of evidence-based healthcare information in the UK and worldwide. The electronic version of Bandolier was voted best NHS Internet site for 1999, and has over 250,000 visitors every month from all over the world. While many are health professionals, this is also a source of high quality information for many patients and their carers, as well as for organisations who commission and pay for healthcare.

The Internet site continues to build on best quality medical information in over 30 different topic areas. These include topics like pain , but extend also into areas like healthy living .


The Oxford Pain Relief Unit urgently requires funds in order to carry out these vital tasks and to maintain its reputation of an independent centre of excellence for medical research, training and education. We would love to talk to you. In the first instance please contact

Maureen Woodford

telephone +44 (0) 1865 225404,

email , fax +44 (0) 1865 226978,

or by post to Pain Research, The Churchill, Oxford OX3 7LJ, UK.