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Pain Research at Oxford

Pain Research at Oxford is pretty complex, even for those of us who have worked here for years. We have our academic home in the University of Oxford , the Nuffield Department of Anaesthetics and the Medical School . But we also have our links with IASP through the Special Interest Group on systematic reviews, and with the Cochrane Collaboration through the Pain, Palliative and Supportive Care group that resides here. Pain Research is also home, spiritual and actual, of Bandolier .

list of systematic reviews around pain

The Oxford Pain Research Trust is our over-arching charity, and our links with the Pain Relief Unit, with its outpatients and inpatients, consultants, nurses, and the many people from other departments who help, is profound. They keep our feet on the ground.

Why pain is important

The story of Pain Research, the Oxford Pain Relief Trust, PaPaS and Bandolier

The people here now, in the past, and our collaborators


Professor Henry McQuay publications 1973-1989 and 1990-1995
Dr Andrew Moore publications 1972-1989 and 1990-1995
Dr Jayne Edwards publications
University of Geneva & Martin Tramèr - evidence based perioperative medicine
Academic home - Nuffield Department of Anaesthetics
Pain Relief Unit
Statement - easy targets are not always the right ones
Web essays - some on pain, some not