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Learning Zone

This is area is currently under development. It will contain content useful for anyone undertaking self directed learning about evidence-based methods. For a while, this may involve duplication of material already on the site until more reorganisation takes place. All of the links below direct you to downloadable PDF files. If you are struggling with PDF files look here, and if you need Acrobat reader, click on the icon for a free download.


Evidence-based Medicine

Understanding trials and meta-analyses

Bandolier bias guide Critical appraisal Meta-analysis Outputs and utility Quality and validity Size Systematic Reviews

Calculations and statistical stuff

Confidence intervals Cox Model Numbers-needed-to-treat Primer on calculating NNTs


Good clinical guideline Implementing Numbers-needed-to-treat Integrated care pathway On care pathways

Health economics

Cost-effectiveness Health Utilities Programme budgeting and marginal analysis (PBMA) Implementing PBMA Quality of life Quality adjusted life years Implementing QALYs

Healthcare organisation (UK, anyway)

Clinical governance NICE