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Bandolier Knowledge

In this section Bandolier collects good quality evidence under a variety of different headings. We search for systematic reviews of treatments, of evidence about diagnosis, epidemiology or health economics, and abstract it. It is time consuming, and Bandolier has been able to do it only through sponsorship, which is a limiting factor. Sponsorship is acknowledged at the top of each topic heading. The fundamental criterion is that sponsors have no say or control whatsoever. Users who know of no-strings funding to maintain our independent status, please let us know.

Category Listing

Problem & Disease Research

Allergy, asthma and respiratory Atrial fibrillation Benign prostatic hyperplasia Cancer


Oxford Pain Internet Site Arthritis, bones and joints Gout Migraine Pallative Care


Aspirin Complementary Diagnostics Handwashing Needlesticks injuries Operations and consequences Vaccines

Ancillary Medical Information

Book reviews EBM stories Health economics and implementation Management NNTs Trial Methods

System Specific Research

Cardic Dental ENT gastrointestinal mental health neurological Urinary

General Health Issues

Drug Abuse Family health genetics healthy living men’s health older people