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Bandolier Extra

Bandolier Extra contains Internet essays on specific topics,that can be read on-screen in HTML or are available as printable PDFs. Easier formats for longer articles should help lay readers and professionals with their personal development plans. We also have a 'What-is' set of short and clear explanations on several important topics commissioned by AVENTIS and produced by Hayward Medical plc. AVENTIS kindly made them available in pdf format. Merck, Sharpe and Dohme have sponsored the Bandolier Professional and Forum series. If you are struggling with PDF files look here, and if you need Acrobat reader, click on the icon.

Bandolier Professional

Outputs and utility
Quality and validity

Bandolier Forum

On science and management
On care pathways

Management issues in healthcare

Waste in healthcare
Delivering better healthcare 1: What goes wrong when implementing EB practice
Delivering better healthcare 2: Seeing the woods for the trees
Delivering better healthcare 3: Learning to implement change in clinical practice
The King's Fund PACE programme: a brief history and update

Healthy living topics

Starting to exercise
Changing behaviour - weight control
A healthy pregnancy
Healthy postnatal care
Bandolier's tips for healthy living

Specific topics

Oral modified release morphine for the management of severe pain: A UK perspective
Topical analgesics
Needlestick injuries
MMR vaccination and autism
Acute pain
Primer on calculating NNTs
NNT calculation sheet
Cannabis for multiple sclerosis and spasm (systematic review)
Lorenzo's oil (systematic review)
Bandolier bias guide
Diagnostic test essay
Do NSAIDs inhibit bone healing?
Effectiveness of acupuncture for stroke rehabilitation
Migraine: special issue Bandolier Extra
Evidence, trials, and migraine
Adverse drug events in hospital patients (systematic review) with excluded and included studies
Intravenous immunoglobulin for MS
Cannabis and flying
Latex allergy review
Minor surgery in primary care - warts and all
Systematic review of PPI and H2A in GORD
Helicobacter pylori
Resistance to activated protein C due to Factor V R506Q (Factor V Leiden)
Policosanol review

What is series

Clinical governance?
Confidence intervals?
Cox Model
Critical appraisal?
Evidence-based Medicine
Good clinical guideline?
Health Utilities
Integrated care pathway?
Systematic Reviews
Implementing Numbers-needed-to-treat
Programme budgeting and marginal analysis (PBMA)
Implementing PBMA
Quality of life
Quality adjusted life years
Implementing QALYs
Implementing NICE guidance
What are hazard ratios?
What are HTA processes in the UK?
What is Bayesian statistics?
What is cost-minimisation analysis?
What is cost-utility analysis?
What is health economics?
What is health technology assessment?
What is indirect comparison?
What is payment by results?
What is sensitivity analysis?
What is world class commissioning?