Copyright, linking, and reprints

December 2001

Linking to Bandolier

Anyone is welcome to link to as many articles as you want on the Bandolier site. You don't need to ask, just do it. The only thing you need to know is that deep links should use the entry, because will not support deep links.

Electronic and online reproduction

Other websites should not be copying articles from Bandolier to their's without paying a license fee. If you are interested in referring your readers to one or more Bandolier articles, then simply use a hypertext link to the original article stored on Bandolier . We try and keep links the same, and on only a very few occasions have we changed links internally, though this is sometimes inevitable.

Rights to copy Bandolier articles onto your own site is possible on payment of a licence fee that will vary according to ability to pay. Bandolier can be placed on your Intranet, again for a variable fee. Email Maureen Woodford if you want to know more.

Physical reprints (paper publishing)

If you are interested in publishing a physical reprint that is printed on paper (for example, a copy of Bandolier or Bandolier Extra ), then you have permission to do so for free as follows:

These physical reprints are permitted under the condition that you include the URL for each original Web page.

From time to time organisations want larger numbers of paper reprints. You can contact Maureen for a price for us to print them for you in the UK, or if you want to print yourself from PDFs, we'll charge you a license fee, again depending on the number and type of organisation.

Note that the permission to reprint a number of Web pages for free only applies to physical versions of your publications. If they have an online version, then you should not reproduce articles there without specific permission. Instead, simply link to the original pages on Bandolier .

CD-ROMs and similar

If you are manufacturing physical data storage media like floppy disks, CD-ROMs, DVDs, then you can treat them as a physical reprint and include the allowed number of Web pages according to the list above if and only if you are not making the content of this physical storage medium accessible over a computer network. (A typical example that's OK would be to produce a CD-ROM with the full text of articles as long as the CD is only distributed with the physical book.)

Physical reprints that involve a larger number of Bandolier pages are only allowed with explicit permission involving a license fee that will depend on the type of organisation. For instance, we would expect a pharmaceutical company to pay a realistic rate, but for a PCO generating a newsletter it would probably be free. We'd like you to ask in this case, preferably by email.

Quoting from Bandolier

You can quote any articles without special permission. It would be nice if any quote was supplemented by a link to the full article on Bandolier so that any interested readers can retrieve the original context from which the quote was pulled. Text contained in our pages represents the opinion of Bandolier writers and is not intended, nor should be interpreted, as definitive information on any specific topic.

Translation rights

Bandolier is already translated into Spanish and (we think, Korean). We'd be happy to discuss translation into other languages, but commercial organisations should expect to pay.


Bandolier is flagrantly independent and jealously guards its position remaining free of commercial, government or NHS bias. It does accept sponsorship for the development of specific web pages on specific topics, but retains full editorial control. Sponsors have no rights of preview, of veto, or influence on what material is included or excluded from the site, what is written or how it is written.


Bandolier is not responsible for the contents or reliability of the linked websites and does not necessarily endorse the v iews expressed within them. Listing shall not be taken as endorsement of any kind. We cannot guarantee that these links will work all the time and we have no control over the availability of linked pages.

Members of the public (visitors to the site) must consult their own doctor before undertaking any course of action resulting from (medical) information that they have read on the Bandolier site. Bandolier regrets that it is unable to enter into correspondence with any individual on any specific medical-related topic.