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Topical analgesics

This site aims to gather together information on topical analgesics. New systematic reviews and large clinical trials make this an increasingly interesting area.

Available in September 2004 is a 20-page PDF (350kb) Bandolier Extra on topical analgesics .


Topical analgesic introduction Topical analgesics summary

Topical rubecacients

Topical salicylate for acute and chronic pain - 2004 new Topical capsaicin for chronic pain - 2004 update Topical capsaicin 1 (old) Topical capsaicin 2 (old)

Topical NSAID background

Oral NSAID pharmacokinetics Topical NSAIDs: penetrating the skin Topical NSAIDs: plasma and tissue concentrations

Topical NSAID effectiveness

Topical NSAIDs for OA: 2004 update Topical NSAIDs for strains and sprains - 2004 update Topical NSAIDs for chronic pain - 2004 update Topical NSAIDs in acute pain (older) Topical NSAIDs for chronic pain (older) Topical NSAIDs - Bandolier article Topical NSAID for mastalgia

Topical NSAID safety

Safety of topical NSAIDs

Topical NSAID economics

Health economics of topical NSAIDs: 1

Topical local anaesthetics

EMLA cream for acute pain in neonates Incisional local anaesthesia for pain after abdominal surgery