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This site is for anyone with a professional or personal interest in pain and analgesia. It is firmly based in the principles of evidence-based medicine and has pulled together systematic reviews with pain as an outcome. The site is free because the BUPA Foundation and Merck Sharp and Dohme provided funds to create it. Creating sites like this is one thing. Pfizer UK have generously sponsored maintenance of the site in 2002.

Acute pain analgesics, other interventions, labour
Analgesic League Table
Chronic pain analgesics, back pain, cancer, musculoskeletal, headache and migraine, neuropathic, other interventions or conditions
Migraine & Headache

Pain - general stuff Analgesic League Table: relative effectiveness of analgesics in acute pain Pain - there's a lot of it about Effectiveness of acute postoperative pain management Acute and postoperative pain in children List of systematic reviews Postoperative fatigue Cox-2 roundup Acute pain - analgesics Aspirin and Aspirin with codeine Bromfenac Celecoxib in acute pain Clonidine epidural Codeine oral Dextropropoxyphene Diclofenac Dihydrocodeine Etoricoxib in acute pain Ibuprofen Ketorolac (injected) Ketorolac (oral) Morphine Nabumetone Naproxen NSAIDs by different routes Paracetamol and Paracetamol with codeine and Paracetamol with dextropropoxyphene Paracetamol and codeine combinations 2001 Paracetamol plus tramadol for acute pain Paracetamol, NSAID, and combination in postoperative pain Parecoxib (injected) Pethidine Piroxicam Rofecoxib Tramadol Valdecoxib in acute pain

Acute pain - other interventions

Acupuncture in dental surgery Analgesic adjuncts for brachial plexus block Anticonvulsants Corneal patch Distraction for pain Dural puncture headache Education, assessment and postoperative pain management Incisional local anaesthetic after abdominal surgery Infiltration local anaesthetic in wound Intraarticular morphine in knee surgery NSAIDs applied topically NSAIDs in renal colic Nursing (nondrug) interventions Opioids injected peripherally Osteoporotic vertebral fractures (acute) managed with calcitonin Paedriatric pain mgment Patient-controlled analgesia Patient-controlled analgesia update Preemptive analgesia Preemptive analgesia update Pre-op information Propofol; prevention of pain on injection Psychoeducational care Relaxation techniques Relaxation and music therapy for postoperative pain Review of acute pain services TENS

Acute pain - labour pain

Patient controlled epidural analgesia for labour Epidurals in childbirth Intrathecal opioid during caesarian section TENS for labour pain

Chronic pain - analgesics

Topical Capsaicin Analgesics for dysmenorrhea and here NSAIDs by different routes Topical NSAIDs Use of paracetamol in rheumatic disease

Chronic pain - musculoskeletal

Go to the Bandolier Arthritis, bones and joints site

Chronic pain - back pain

Acupuncture for back pain? Back pain guidelines Back schools Chiropractic Exercise therapy for low back pain Massage for low back pain NSAIDs for low back pain Physiotherapy exercises for back pain Right treatment, right patient (back pain) Spinal cord stimulation Steroid epidural Spinal manipulation

Chronic pain - cancer

Intracerebroventricular opioids Neurolytic coeliac plexus block Nilutamide plus orchidectomy for metastatic prostatic cancer NSAIDs for cancer pain Radiotherapy for bone metastases Strontium for bone metastases

Chronic pain - headache and migraine

Go to the Bandolier Migraine site

Chronic pain - neuropathic pain

Antidepressants for diabetic neuropathy and postherpetic neuralgia Antidepressants Anticonvulsants for diabetic neuropathy and postherpetic neuralgia Anticonvulsants Chronic pain after surgery Postherpetic neuralgia and acute herpes zoster Postherpetic neuralgia - chronic treatment Systemic local anaesthetic type drugs

Chronic pain- other interventions or conditions

Fibromyalgia: diagnosis and treatment Acupuncture for fibromyalgia Cannabis for pain relief Arnica efficacy CBT for chronic pain Group education for low back pain Homeopathy versus Standard Treatments Ionised wrist bracelets for musculoskeletal pain IRSB in RSD (CRPS) Magnetic insoles for foot pain Pancreatitis Peppermint oil for irritable bowel syndrome Relaxation Quinine for nocturnal leg cramp in the elderly and here Temporomandibular Joint Dysfunction and acupuncture Topical agents or dressings for pain in venous leg ulcers Treatments for plantar heel pain TENS - chronic pain

Pain and service management

Cost-effectiveness of analgesia in acute pain Acute and postoperative pain in children Better prescribing of NSAIDs Education, assessment and postoperative pain management Quality improvement by audit: Pain relief after day surgery Improving oral postoperative analgesia DIY pain control GPs and postoperative pain management Review of acute pain services NNTs used in decision-making in Chronic Pain Management


How many people use retail analgesics? Do NSAIDs inhibit bone healing? Adverse effects of NSAIDs Better prescribing of NSAIDs More on NSAID adverse effects Nabumetone & meloxicam gastrointestinal safety Safety of topical NSAIDs


Betablockers Cilostazol Exercise Ginkgo biloba Pentoxifylline Smoking cessation and nafronyl Statins

A little bit of wisdom

A strategy for acute pain management
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Number needed to treat (NNT)
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Pain and its control (acute and chronic)