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Annual percutaneous injury figures for the USA


Clinical bottom line

Information from the CDC and EPINet suggests many hundreds of thousands of percutaneous injuries and exposure to blood occur every year in the USA.

Data for the USA is captured from 45 EPINet hospitals. The estimate of percutaneous injuries and blood and body fluid exposures in one year (based on 1996 data) was calculates as follows:

Thus the total annual percutaneous and mucocutaneous exposures to blood or at-risk biological substances in the U.S. in 1996 = 786,885.

In an updated report (Advances in Exposure Prevention, 2000, Vol. 5, No. 2, p.19.), the CDC increased the estimate of annual percutaneous injuries for healthcare workers in hospitals to 384,325.

Occupational infections

Based on transmission rates of 0.2-0.4% for HIV, 6-30% for HBV and 0.4-1.8% for HCV, the calculations for occupational infection are: