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Meclofenamate for gout

Clinical bottom line

On the basis of a single small trial, meclofenamate sodium was equally efficacious as indomethacin.


E Eberl & A Dunky. Meclofenamate sodium in the treatment of acute gout. Arzneim-Forsch 1983 33: 641-643.


Details of the study are in Table 1:

Table 1: randomised trial of meclofenamate in gout



Included patients



Eberl & Dunky, 1983
Quality score 2/5
Randomised, double-blind, parallel-group with 300 mg meclofenamate sodium a day (10) or indomethacin 150 mg a day (10) for six days. Acute attack in a single joint of less than 48 hours duration, and joint was sensitive to touch, red and hot. Median age 48 years Spontaneous pain, swelling, tenderness and limitation of function using categorical scales Patients matched at baseline. Identical results, with symptoms subsiding over 2-7 days. Probably more adverse events with indomethacin, including GI symptoms.



Meclofenamate sodium was equally efficacious as indomethacin in the treatment of acute gout.


This trial is so small (20 patients) that it is impossible to make any sensible conclusion.