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Web Essays

These pages are collected web essays from Bandolier . They represent the thoughts of our editors and others on particular topics. General issues in healthcare

General issues in healthcare

Waste in healthcare Delivering better health care 1: What goes wrong when implementing evidence-based practice Delivering better health care 2: Seeing the woods for the trees Delivering better health care 3: Learning to implement change in clinical practice The King's Fund PACE programme: a brief history and update

Specific topics

Do NSAIDs inhibit bone healing? Starting to exercise Changing behaviour - weight control A healthy pregnancy Healthy post-natal care Diagnostic testing Evidence, trials, and migraine Resistance to activated protein C due to Factor V R506Q (Factor V Leiden) Latex allergy review Helicobacter pylori Systematic review of PPI and H2A in GORD Minor surgery in primary care - warts and all