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These pages contain collected stories from Bandolier on vaccines and vaccination. There has not yet been any resource available to develop the site by searching for more systematic reviews that might inform in this area, but the intention is to develop this page as resources allow.


How long do pathogens live on surfaces? Links to useful Internet sources about vaccines Reminders are effective in increasing vaccination rates Spontaneous hepatitis C virus clearance

Vaccine effectiveness

Influenza vaccination NNTs and go to the Cochrane abstract Influenza vaccination in the elderly Influenza vaccine in over-65s Older people have less response to recombinant hepatitis B vaccine An update on pneumococcal vaccines Pneumococcal vaccines updated again Pneumococcal vaccination and go to a systematic review in BioMed


Downloadable essay on MMR vaccination and autism
Autism cases level off MMR and autism - Denmark Perinatal risk factors for autism Cost of autism in Britain Gastrointestinal disease and autism Measles vaccination schedules MMR and autism - US conference MMR and autism: UK database study MMR vaccination and autism More on MMR and autism Even more on MMR MMR and febrile seizures No evidence for new variant of autism caused by MMR Autism in the absence of MMR vaccine Risk factors for autism Thiomersal not linked to autism

Links for MMR

MMR - the Lancet Fiasco NCIRS, Sydney, Australia - check out their facts sheet for MMR and thiomersal Department of Health material CDC pages on vaccines and autism (rigorous US source for public and professionals) US Institute of Medicine report on MMR and autism US Consensus conference report on MMR and autistic spectrum disorders Some might find the Autism Research Unit site useful

Other links

Communicating Risks Associated With A Possible Smallpox Attack (Centre for Cooperative Learning, Florida)