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Trial Methods, Reporting etc

In this section Bandolier intends to begin to pull together some of the lessons learned about clinical trial design, conduct, analysis and reporting. That is an enormous task, and right now we don't have the resources to do a great job. But that will improve and in the meantime we'll look out for useful stuff.

Dosing and compliance? That old placebo feeling Mindstretcher: blind leading blind How good is peer review? Fasting and vegetarian diet in rheumatoid arthritis Outcomes in arthritis trials Abstracts should carry health warnings Adverse events: can we trust the data? Assessing health technologies Bias: what it is and how to spot it Choosing interventions Cohors, cohortis Difficult Decisions - Mindstretcher Evidence & Effectiveness False Positive Explosion Funnel plots and heterogeneity Homeopathy - dilute information and little knowledge Homeopathy: systematic review of systematic reviews Homeopathic remedies and quality How good is that test - NND How likely is it to go wrong? Levels of Evidence Meta-Analysis for Diagnostic Tests Mindstretching meta-analysis Pills, purchasing and Presentation Quality and RCTs Reporting RCTs Statistics - Mindstretcher Swots Corner - regression to the mean Swots Corner - What the heck's an odds ratio? Testing A Screening Test Testing Tests