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Sexual health

These pages contain collected stories from Bandolier on sexual health. There has not yet been any resource available to develop the site by searching for more systematic reviews that might inform in this area.


Common sexual problems in men and women in UK Common sexual problems in USA Sperm counts are not falling Risk of heart attack after sex Vaginal douching is unnecessary in routine feminine hygiene

Genital warts

Genital wart treatments Imiquimod for genital warts


Chlamydia conference Treatments for Chlamydia Screening for chlamydia


Complementary AIDs therapies HIV and AIDS HIV protease inhibitors: ACTG 320 trial HIV-1 virus: finding it and stopping it New horizons in HIV and AIDs Trials, meta-analysis, and trial validity with spermicides and H IV infection


Preventing teenage pregnancies or not Emergency contraception How good is that contraceptive? Contraception and abortion in Sweden Condom slippage or breakage is common Implanon: a new implantable contraceptive Home pregnancy tests may not be very good Failure rates for contraceptives Results of trials on Mirena IUD and ectopic pregnancy Contraceptive pills and risk Womens' knowledge of contraception and risk

Management matters

Cost of erectile dysfunction in the UK Reducing DNAs at a vasectomy clinic Sexual Health Service