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In these pages contain stories from Bandolier relating to statins. They will be supplemented by additional material, as resources become available through sponsorship or other means. Readers may also want to visit the cardiac and aspirin resource centres.

Students may want a 30-page (450 kb) essay on Statins that summarises what is here.

Statins and cholesterol

Cholesterol explained Cholesterol and Statins Cholesterol lowering with statins Non-lipid effects of statins Statins and serum markers for CV disease

Statins outcome trials - efficacy

Statin outcome trials update Effectiveness of statins MRC/BHF Heart Protection Study Cholesterol reduction and stroke Duration and extent of cholesterol reduction and risk reduction

Special groups

Statins and diabetics Statins and intermittent claudication Statins in older people Statins in high risk older people Statins in heart failure

Which patients to treat

Who to treat Statins, NNTs and risk Getting LDL cholesterol down

Dose response

Dose-response of statins in short-term trials Cholesterol lowering with statins - dose response in longer trials

Guidelines and compliance

Statins and guidelines Statins and patient compliance Statins and physician compliance

Other effects

Statins and albuminuria Statins and bone update Statins and cancer Statins and colorectal cancer Statins and cognitive function Statins reduce risk of fracture? Statins and liver Statins and macular degeneration Statins and muscle Statins and rhabdomyolysis Statins and stroke outcome Statins, sepsis, and chronic kidney disease Polyneuropathy and statins


Economics of statins Persistence with statins Statin adherence and outcomes


Statin safety: a perspective Statins and erectile dysfunctionSwitching statins

Other stuff

Cholesterol in older people Coenzyme Q10 for statin myopathy Morning or evening statins Statins: when should you take the tablet? Statins in clinical practice Statin withdrawal