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Being overweight

If you want to know about the problems of being overweight, this is the place to find it. It helps when trying to eat better and exercise more.

Changing behaviour - weight control

Overweight and health

Body Mass Index (BMI) BMI explained Disordered eating in US teenagers Gastrooesophageal reflux and BMI Is obesity more harmful to health than smoking or heavy drinking? Obesity and breast cancer Obesity and health Obesity and risk of pancreatic cancer Obesity: lifestyle activity versus structured aerobic exercise Obesity and life expectancy Risk factors for childhood obesity Risk of preeclampsia rises with increasing body mass index

Weight loss benefits

Treating childhood obesity is good for parents Weight loss for knee arthritis Weight loss and risk of hypertension Hypertension and weight loss Weight loss and blood pressure Weight loss and erectile function

Treating obesity

Anti-obesity drugs reviewed Can the Internet successfully deliver a weight loss programme? Can breastfeeding help prevent overweight children and adolescents? Cereal bars, milk shakes and long-term weight loss in the obese Low carbohydrate diets Reducing children's television viewing to prevent obesity Short versus long periods of exercise on weight loss and fitness School-based programme to reduce obesity Surgery for morbid obesity Thermodynamics and weight loss