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Older people

In these pages are collected the stories from Bandolier relating to health problems of older people. There is masses more in other parts of the larger Bandolier site, so if you are looking for anything in particular, use the search engine.

Other places to visit on the Bandolier site of interest include atrial fibrillation, arthritis, cancer, gout, healthy living, pain, benign prostatic hyperplasia and erectile dysfunction.


March of the older old

Drugs and vaccines

Cholesterol-lowering drugs and erectile dysfunction Benzodiazepine use associated with higher rate of car accidents Restless legs Effective treatment for restless leg syndrome Restless legs: impact and treatment update Ginseng is no help for older people Influenza vaccination Influenza vaccination in the elderly iseffective Quinine for nocturnal leg cramps and update Older people have less response to recombinant hepatitis B vaccine Treatments for hypertension in the elderly

Skin and nails

Topical and oral treatments for foot fungal infections Oral zinc is no help in leg ulcers Fungal toenail infections; definitions and results A review of leg ulcers Vitamin C and ultrasound are not effective for pressure sores Fungal nail infection

Intermittent claudication

Betablockers Cilostazol Exercise Ginkgo biloba Pentoxifylline Smoking cessation and nafronyl Statins Smoking and leg bypass grafts

Hips, knees and arthritis

Low oestrogen levels and risk of fracture HRT can protect against hip fracture in women Tibolone increases bone density Alendronate protects against hip fracture in women with low bone density Outcomes after hip fracture and here Glucosamine is helpful in arthritis Glucosamine and arthritis update Homeopathy for osteoarthritis Which primary total hip replacement? Benzodiazepines in the elderly increase risk of hip fracture Background to hip fractures Taping arthritic knees to stop pain Some background on osteoporosis Weight loss for knee arthritis

Vitamin D

Calcium and vitamin D for preventing hip fractures Calcium-vitamin D supplementation is cost effective Vitamin D and lower-extremity function in the elderly Vitamin D and falls in the elderly


Falls in the elderly Fracture and quality of life in older women Injuries from falls are increasing in older adults Predicting falls in older people in the community PPIs and fractures "Stops walking when talking" predicts a fall Whole body vibration


Reducing laxative use Effectiveness of laxatives in constipation


Alzheimer's disease treatments Aricept for Alhzeimer's disease Dementia - diagnosis and treatment Homocysteine is high in dementia: dietary folate may help Incidence of dementia Music therapy for dementia no good evidence


Walking good for older women Exercise prevents disability in older adults Physical activity reduces risk of cognitive decline Exercise and bone density Exercise does not cause knee osteoarthritis Exercise benefits intermittent claudication Exercise reduces death rates in older people


Anaemia in older people Anaemia and mortality in older people Anaemia and mortality in older people - again Anaemia in rheumatoid arthritis Economic burden of anaemia Race, anaemia, and mortality


Honey as a wound dressing More on honey and wounds Even more on honey and wounds Hyperbaric oxygen for chronic wounds


Echinacea treatments for colds Breast cancer, alcohol, and tobacco Cholesterol in older people Smoking, coffee, and Parkinson's Disease Mastectomy versus lumpectomy for breast cancer Predictors of acute urinary retention in men Prognostic index for mortality Tamoxifen for early breast cancer Handwashing and respiratory illness Predicting early stroke survival Fibromyalgia: diagnosis and treatment When to measure bone density HRT and tooth loss HRT and fracture risk Pharmacy care in older patients
Preventing catheter-related bacteriuria Silver alloy catheters prevent bacteriuria Evidence that soya is helpful in the menopause Making decisions about menopausal treatments Volunteering benefits volunteers and those they help Iron deficiency Different ways of helping the elderly Elderly people often get stuck in the bath Intermittent claudication treatments Restless legs Chemotherapy for older persons with colon cancer? Which nutrients reduce the risk of stroke?