Healthy living

These Healthy Living pages are being developed to try and help us ordinary folk to know what to do to avoid seeing our doctors except socially. It really isn't hard when we look at the solid evidence from large, properly structured studies, and not the ephemeral twittering of the media.

Dr Kate Parmenter, formerly of the Institute of Psychiatry and the University of Cambridge, contributed to these pages. They have been developed with sponsorship from the BUPA Foundation and a grant from Galliard Healthcare. There is room for additional sponsorship. If your organisation is interested in being associated with the development of this essential and popular resource, please download the Sponsorship PDF or contact Maureen McQuay.

Some generally useful material

Changing behaviour - weight control and PDF
Starting to exercise and PDF
A healthy pregnancy and PDF
Healthy survival Healthy post-natal care and PDF
Bandolier's 10 tips for healthy living and PDF
Risk prediction - chance of cardiovascular mortality
Body Mass Index and BMI explained

Health living subsections

Blood pressure Healthy eating Healthy exercise Healthy use of alcohol, tea and coffee Pregnancy and young children Smoking and stopping Weight

Links to other Bandolier sections

Family Mens health Older people Sexual health Womens health


Better health through better lifestyle Breast cancer, alcohol, and tobacco Can personality predict risk of coronary heart disease? Effect of lifestyle on death and disease Healthy lifestyles for the few Mobile phones, magnetic fields, and cancer Lifetime risk of coronary heart disease

Identifying health problems

Predicting risk of death from coronary heart disease in young men Simple test to identify heavy drinkers Benzodiazepine use associated with higher rate of car accidents


National Institutes of Health website in the USA: wonderful stuff on weight and diet Well Living site for people and organisations in the UK looking for help


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