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Handwashing and infection

Bandolier has begun to collect together the information on handwashing in one place. Washing hands is one sure-fire way to reduce infections in hospitals and in healthcare generally. It is also important for all citizens, not just healthcare professionals. Readers who know of studies that should be included should let Bandolier know by email.


Guideline for Hand Hygiene in Health-Care Settings Evidence-based practice in infection control - epic The Socio-economic Burden of Hospital Acquired Infection Standard principles for preventing hospital-acquired infections (112 page PDF) National Patient Safety Agency

Hospital acquired infection

Now wash your hands Hospital acquired infection Washing hands reduces hospital-acquired infection Increasing handwashing in healthcare workers


Handwashing and diarrhoea in the community Handwashing and respiratory illness Handwashing in schoolchildren

Other issues

User acceptability of chlorhexidine handwashes