Family health (common conditions)

Here are collected the stories from Bandolier relating to common conditions affecting the family. Some of these stories may appear in other places on the site. This is part of Bandolier's Healthy Living section.

Coughs, colds, 'flu and the like

Echinacea for the common cold Influenza vaccination Relenza for influenza Antibiotics are no value for childhood coughs Tonsillectomy for sore throats Tonsillectomy: bleeding and prediction Remedies for the common cold Does proximity to major roads increase URTI incidence? and here


Parental smoking and middle ear infection in children Antibiotics and acute otitis media Antibiotics for acute otitis media Glue ear


Passive smoking and the risk of coronary heart disease Smoking facts and facts about stopping Acupuncture doesn't help in stopping smoking Nicotine replacement helps to stop smoking Zyban for smoking cessation Smoking, delayed conception and infertility Stopping smoking Stopping smoking and the harm from smoking


Neural tube defects and extra folate in bread Treatments for infant colic Infant colic update 2004 Tongue-tie: ankyloglossia

Children and adolescents

Body piercing - prevalence and risks Body piercing and risk behaviour in adolescents Circumcision for UTI Cannabis and other drug use Nipple piercing problems Preventing Teenage Pregnancy Springtime hypoglycaemia in children with diabetes

Other topics

Antibiotics for wounds Anti-oestrogen therapy doesn't work in male infertility Cat scratch disease update Do weight-reducing drugs work? Mythbusters: asparagus and beetroot Restless legs Effective treatment for restless leg syndrome Restless legs: impact and treatment update Risk of heart attack after sex Treatments for impetigo Treating earwax Warts and all Wrist ganglia


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