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Healthy exercise

This site is for those of us who want to know that getting breathless is a good thing, but need to assurance or reassurance that it has powerful benefits for our health now and in the future.

Starting to exercise

Activity levels and type-2 diabetes risk Being unfit: as life threatening as other risk factors Changing fitness levels changes risk of death Exercise prevents disability in older adults Exercise does not cause knee osteoarthritis Exercise training programmes prevent bone loss in women Exercise and bone density Exercise and osteoporosis Exercise and sleep Exercise reduces death rates in older people Excersise reduces risk of type II diabetes Exercise helps prevent cardiovascular disease Exercise and disability in older people with OA Fitness and atherosclerosis progression Physical activity reduces risk of cognitive decline Physical inactivity and death Short versus long periods of exercise on weight loss and fitness Sport after hip or knee replacement Walking good for older women Walking briskly for three hours a week reduces risk of heart disease Walking Reduces Hypertension Risk in Men