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Ear nose and throat

In these pages are collected the stories from Bandolier relating to ear, nose and throat problems. In due course these will be supplemented by additional material, as resources become available through sponsorship or other means.  

Ear and nose infections

Antibiotics in acute otitis media Antibiotics for acute otitis externa Antibiotics for acute otitis media update Autoinflation for glue ear Diagnosing acute sinusitis Glue ear Randomised versus nonrandomised OME children Steroids for glue ear S-carboxymethylcysteine for glue ear and here

Surgical procedures

Tonsillectomy: bleeding and prediction Steroids and emesis after tonsillectomy

Meniere's and tinnitus

Ménière's disease Migraine and Ménière's disease Prolactinoma and Ménière's disease Test for Meniere's disease Tinnitus and Meniere's Update Tinnitus NNT


Treating earwax