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Health economics and implementation

This site will try and gather together useful information on health economics and implementation. It has no sponsorship so progress may be a bit slow.

Additional useful material will be found in Bandolier Extra, with downloadable essays on key terms.

Antenatal corticosteroid therapy Autologous blood transfusion Are autologous blood transfusions cost-effective? Back pain: costs and guidelines Compensation status and surgical outcome Cost-effectiveness of analgesia in acute pain Cost of erectile dysfunction in the UK Cost-effectiveness of treatments for major depression in children Cost effectiveness of Ottawa knee rule Cost of latex allergy Costing Drug Treatments Defibrillator use in out-of-hospital cardiac arrest Economic burden of anaemia Economics and health care Evidence-based health care definition Evidence-based Implementation Fallacies in health economics Healthcare costs in the last year of life Health economic analyses in digestive diseases Hospital acquired infection Issues in trial reporting Improved diabetic control reduces healthcare costs Interpreting pharmacoeconomics Making smoking policy Migraine,a burden on society and suicide risk NNTs used in decision-making in Chronic Pain Management Photodynamic therapy for macular degeneration Preventing drug use in teenagers Preventing medical errors Prevention or cure? Prehospital thrombolysis for MI Quality of life, health status, and costs Ranking quality of life in chronic disease Right treatment, right patient Screening and cost-effectiveness for Chlamydia So what is a QALY? Using QALYs for decision-making Unbiased cost-effectiveness: an oxymoron? "When in doubt, do it" or "When in doubt, stop it" Washing hands reduces Hospital-aquired infection Thoughts on evidence and implementation