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Stories from Bandolier that say something about Evidence-based Medicine (EBM)

These pages collect stories from Bandolier relating to evidence-based medicine. In due course these will be supplemented by additional material, as resources become available.

Bandolier Extra contains other EBM material

On limitations H-index Adverse events with placebo Analysing observational studies Back surgery poser Astrology, illness, and chance
What patients want to know about AEs Systematic reviews of acupuncture Checking up on adverse events Beware statistical outputs Industry bias in clinical trials Communicating evidence Blinding reviewers Mindstretcher: making decisions for guidelines Quality control in systematic reviews Funnel plots: is seeing believing? Caution, initial results, most published research false? Click to get sick On being rare Getting better - myocardial infarction Where there is no evidence - search skills Reporting RCTs Where doctors get information Adverse nondrug reactions Checking out systematic reviews Does unpublished information make a difference? Estimating relative efficacy Right treatment, right patient Winning the lottery (more on size) Treatment termination rates in rheumatoid arthritis Randomised versus nonrandomised OME children Quality and size Mindstretcher - being indirect Equal on average does not mean equal for everyone Class and equivalence Mindstretcher: blind leading blind How systematic reviews can disappoint EBM in General Practice The problem of multiple publication Déjà vu all over again (more on multiple publishing) Bias Funnel plots and heterogeneity Acupuncture trials and quality Guarding the evidence base Cholesterol lowering is beneficial Contraceptive pills: Is the evidence for harm justified? NNT worksheet for pressure stockings and post thrombotic syndrome The Sackett evidence cart Number needed to treat Trials, meta-analysis, and trial validity with spermicides and HIV infection Defining and calculating NNT and NNH Where do GPs get evidence-based information? Compare and contrast Learning to be more sceptical What we need to make a difference NNT league table Thinking about risk On quality Putting risks into perspective Knowledge and pigs Number needed not to treat When reviews disagree Thyroid incidentalomas A definition of evidence-based healthcare Logistic regression explained NNT calculations with examples A worked example with reflux oesophagitis Budgerigars and begonias Up to your armpits in alligators Cabbages and kings In praise of failure: Failed meta-analysis Mad cows and ecstasy Issues in trial reporting Thinking about risk Number needed to diagnose? Individual patients - regression to the mean What the heck's an odds ratio Cohors, cohortis (f): a tenth of a legion How likely is it to go wrong Doctor? How should you choose the intervention or who to do it? Abstracts should carry health warnings Pills, Purchasing & Presentation Evidence-Based Patient Choice How do I find? 3 How do I find? 2 How do I find? 1 NNT confidence intervals Quality counts in RCTs NNTs for Preventative Interventions The Grand Canyon