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Healthy eating

This site is for those of us who want to know that what we eat makes sense, and want to know what the evidence is for eating and health. Its creating was helped along by the BUPA Foundation.


Allium Vegetables and Cancer Diet and bladder cancer Eating fruit and vegetables reduces risk of breast cancer Meat consumption and risk of colorectal cancer Red meat, fish, fibre, and colorectal cancer 2005 update Meat, dairy foods and risk of breast cancer Soyfoods and stomach cancer Update on fruit and vegetable intake and breast cancer risk Update on fruit and vegetable intake and cancer risk Whole grain food four times a week reduces cancer risk by 40%

Heart disease

Benecol reduces cholesterol The case for chocolate Cholesterol lowering treatments and death not related to illness Cholesterol lowering effects of dietary fibre Dietary cholesterol from eggs: the effect on blood cholesterol Dietary fibre, weight gain and risk factors for cardiovascular disease Eating eggs is unlikely to cause heart disease or strokes Eating patterns and the risk of coronary heart disease Fat consumption and cardiovascular disease Fish and omega-3 fatty acids reduce risk of coronary heart disease in women Fish consumption and coronary heart disease mortality Eating fish once a week cuts risk of sudden cardiac death by half Mediterranean diet evidence More fruit and vegetables lowers the risk of heart disease N-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids help reduce coronary death Sterols, stanols and cholesterol (Stanol margerine update) Trans fatty acids and risk of coronary heart disease Walnuts and cholesterol Weight loss and sodium restriction reduce the need for antihypertensive drugs


Daily vegetable intake dramatically reduces chance of stroke Eating fruit and vegetables reduces the risk of stroke Fish and omega-3 fatty acid intake and risk of stroke Which nutrients reduce the risk of stroke?


Fruit and vegetable intake linked to bone health


Eating vegetables regularly may prevent diabetes

Food supplements

Daily folate may reduce risk of colon cancer dramatically Evidence that soya is helpful in the menopause Folate and Breast Cancer Homocysteine and stroke Homocysteine is high in dementia: dietary folate may help Homocysteine & heart disease Soya reduces total and LDL cholesterol Vitamin C intake and plasma level

Other stuff

How do we get children to eat more fruit and vegetables? Fibre and haemorrhoid complications