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In these pages are collected the stories from Bandolier relating to cancer. In due course these will be supplemented by additional material, as resources become available through sponsorship or other means.

Breast cancer

Aromatase inhibitors and breast cancer Breast cancer, alcohol, and tobacco Breast cancer screening: is it effective? Breast cancer and BRCA genes Breast cancer survival is better with specialist surgeons Cognitive behavioural therapy for distress and pain in breast cancer Eating fruit and vegetables reduces risk of breast cancer Folate and Breast Cancer Folate in pregnancy and breast cancer Herceptin and breast cancer HRT and breast cancer 2004: million women study HRT and risk of breast cancer death HRT and breast cancer Mastectomy versus lumpectomy for breast cancer Meat, dairy foods and risk of breast cancer Obesity and breast cancer Passive smoking and breast cancer Smoking and breast cancer Tamoxifen for early breast cancer Tamoxifen trials, tribulations and truths

Cancer and diet

Alcohol consumption and cancer risk Alcohol type and mortality Allium Vegetables and Cancer Caffeine and pregnancy, colon cancer and stroke Coffee, tea and urinary tract cancer Daily folate may reduce risk of colon cancer dramatically Diet and bladder cancer Diet and prostate cancer risk Eating fruit and vegetables reduces risk of breast cancer Update on fruit and vegetable intake and breast cancer risk Green tea and risk of gastric cancer Meat consumption and risk of colorectal cancer No association between alcohol and urinary tract cancer Obesity and risk of pancreatic cancer Soyfoods and stomach cancer Whole grain food four times a week reduces cancer risk by 40%

Cancer diagnosis

Cancer diagnostic assessment centres Diagnosing gastric cancer Diagnosing melanoma Ovarian cancer screening Pathology as art appreciation: melanoma diagnosis Screening for prostate cancer Tumour markers and cancer treatment

Other cancer stories

Aspirin and lung cancer Aspirin and colorectal adenoma Aspirin/NSAID and oesophageal cancer Barrett's oesophagitis and colon cancer Breast cancer care pathway Breast cancer: specialist centres do best Chemotherapy for older persons with colon cancer? Coxibs, aspirin, polyps, and cardiovascular harm Erythropoietin for anaemia with cancer therapy Familial prostate cancer risk Fight it together for cancer patients Finasteride to prevent prostate cancer? Laetrile (amygdalin) for cancer Making decisions about menopausal treatments Melanoma and congenital melanocytic nevi Mobile phones, magnetic fields, and cancer Mobile phones and cancer (update) Ovarian cancer risk for relatives Prostate cancer and family links Psychological coping and cancer Sexual health education to help reduce risk of cervical cancer Statins and cancer Survival with common cancers and heart conditions