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Blood pressure, lifestyle and treatment

This site takes a look at things that put up your blood pressure, especially salt, and how changing lifestyle can reduce your blood pressure.


Oral potassium and blood pressure Salt intake: the lower the better


Hypertension and weight loss Weight loss and blood pressure Weight loss and risk of hypertension

Lifestyle and diet

Breast feeding and blood pressure Changing diet substantially lowers blood pressure Coffee and blood pressure Garlic for blood pressure Lifestyle and hypertension Lifestyle modification and blood pressure Preventing hypertension Reducing alcohol consumption lowers blood pressure in heavy drinkers Stress management interventions and blood pressure Walking reduces hypertension risk in men

Treating hypertension

Antihypertensive efficacy in black patients Autogenic training for hypertension Behavioural interventions for hypertension Calcium channel blockers and hypertension Calcium supplementation for blood pressure Noncompliance with antihypertensives Nurse-led hypertension clinic Predicting risk of death from coronary heart disease in young men Treatment of hypertension in the elderly Using computers to manage hypertension in primary care