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Bandolier's book reviews

Author Title Details
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Rod Smith, Shaun Brogan, Richard Stephenson, Janet Fitzgerald and Lesley Withers A Practical Guide to Fundholding Blackwell Science Limited (ISBN 0-632-03869-1) distributed in the UK by Marston Book Services, PO Box 87, Oxford OX2 0DT (Tel 01865 791155, Fax 01865 791927).
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John & Sean Paling Up to Your Armpits in Alligators 1993, 130pp. The Environmental Institute, 5822 NW 91st Boulevard, Gainesville, Florida 32653. ISBN 0-9642236-0-0. Cheque for $20 to John Paling & Co, Ltd. Tel 001 904 377-2142.
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Samuel Shem Mount Misery Black Swan £7.99 ISBN 0-552-99813-3
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Pete Moore Pregnancy: A Testing Time Lion, 1997, 160pp, £7.99. ISBN: 0 7459 3819 1.
Jon Krakauer Into thin air; A Personal Account of the Mt. Everest Disaster Anchor ISBN 0-385-49208-1, £4.62 at Internet book shop
M Dunning, G Abi-Aad, D Gilbert, H Hutton, C Brown Experience, evidence and everyday practice: creating systems for delivering effective healthcare King’s Fund Publishing, London. ISBN 1 85717 239 6. pp 117. No price available. Available from King's Fund Bookshop Fax +(44) 171 307 2801.
PD Wall Pain the science of suffering Weidenfeld and Nicolson 1999 pp178 £14.99, ISBN 0 297 84255 2
John Diamond C Because cowards get cancer too... Vermilion London 1998 ISBN 0-09-181665-3 pp256 £6.99
John Bayley Iris A memoir of Iris Murdoch Abacus London ISBN 0 349 11215 0 pp294 £7.99
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Clinical Evidence BMJ Publishing Group ISBN 0-7279 1364 6 ISSN 1462-3846. Price £45 for one year, two issues a year in June and December. Subscriptions from
HR Wulff & PC Gøtzsche Rational diagnosis and treatment: evidence-based clinical decision making. Blackwell Science, Oxford. 3rd edition. 221pp. ISBN 0-632-03197-2
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  Medical writing. A prescription for clarity Cambridge University Press, third edition, 2006. ISBN 10-0-521-85857-7. 250pp