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Restless legs syndrome

This site looks at the best evidence we can find on restless legs. Resources have been made available by an unconditional educational grant by GlaxoSmithKline.


Restless legs introduction Restless legs syndrome and iron metabolism


RLS prevalence RLS prevalence and impact RLS prevalence in Europe RLS in primary care in Holland Prevalence of RLS in end-stage renal disease RLS after renal transplant RLS in haemodialysis RLS in blood donors RLS in pregnancy RLS in primary care

Diagnosis and screening

Diagnosis of RLS RLS rating scale

RLS treatments

RLS treatments compared

Medical treatment (dopamine agonists)

Bromocriptine for RLS Cabergoline for RLS L-dopa for RLS Pergolide for RLS Pramipexole for RLS Ropinirole for RLS Rotigotine for RLS

Medical treatment (other)

Carbamazepine for RLS Clonazepam for RLS Clonidine for RLS Gabapentin for RLS Hydroquinine for RLS Iron for RLS Oxycodone for RLS

Older stuff from Bandolier

Restless leg syndrome 1999 Restless legs: impact and treatment update 2004

Quality of life and health economics

RLS and QoL RLS prevalence and impact

Other issues

RLS in thyroid disorders Childhood onset RLS

Links and downloads

Restless legs syndrome foundation (US but international links) RLS: detection and management in primary care (2000 NIH publication) Ekbom Support Group RLS:UK