Age 11-17

These pages are about healthy living messages from the medical literature that have good evidence behind them. This page covers the younger teenage years and are brought to you free by Bandolier.

General health issues

Juvenile arthritis Prophylactic removal of impacted third molars Springtime hypoglycaemia in children with diabetes Antibiotics do not prevent infection in simple wounds Family/parenting interventions for delinquency Verrucas and games Ingrowing toenail treatments Warts and all

Drugs, piercing, and tattooing

Body piercing - prevalence and risks Body piercing and risk behaviour in adolescents Cannabis and other drug use Nipple piercing problems Evidence-based prevention

Obesity and eating

Reducing childrens' TV viewing to prevent obesity Parents and childhood obesity Risk factors for childhood obesity The effectiveness of a school-based programme to reduce obesity Obesity and health Disordered eating in US teenagers Lorenzo's oil for AMN and ALD

Contraception and sexual health

Preventing teenage pregnancies Emergency contraception How good is that contraceptive? Condom slippage or breakage is common Implanon: a new implantable contraceptive Home pregnancy tests may not be very good Failure rates for contraceptives Results of trials on Mirena IUD and ectopic pregnancy Contraceptive pills and risk Sexual health education to help reduce risk of cervical cancer


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