Age 0-10

These pages are about healthy living messages from the medical literature that have good evidence behind them. This page covers the age range of preconception, through pregnancy, to children of about 10 years old. The pages are brought to you free by Bandolier.

Before pregnancy and very early pregnancy

A healthy pregnancy Food fortification with folic acid and neural tube defects Preconception care lowers risk of abnormalities in infants of diabetics Neural tube defects and extra folate in bread Home pregnancy tests reviewed IUD and risk of ectopic pregnancy Methotrexate for ectopic pregnancy Risk factors for ectopic pregnancy Vaginal douching Antiphospholipid antibodies and pregnancy loss Smoking, pregnancy, and oral clefts Aspirin in pregnancy and congenital abnormalities Birth defects after maternal exposure to corticosteroids Perinatal risk factors for autism Caffeine and pregnancy


A healthy pregnancy Healthy postnatal care Nausea and vomiting in early pregnancy Risk and Down's screening Risk of preeclampsia increases with increasing body mass index Epidural versus non-epidural analgesia in labour pain Transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (TENS) in labour pain Patient controlled epidural analgesia for labour


Tongue-tie: ankyloglossia Breast feeding and blood pressure in adulthood Breastfeeding and overweight children prevention Neonatal hip instability and intrauterine factors Pacifiers (dummies) and sudden infant death Infant colic update 2004


Acupuncture for asthma Antibiotics for childhood coughs Constipation in children Family/parenting interventions for delinquency Fluoride gel and caries Handwashing in schoolchildren Handwashing and diarrhoea Inhaled steroids in childhood asthma Perthe's disease incidence Pre-school vision screening Relaxation and biofeedback training in paediatric headache Springtime hypoglycaemia in children Tonsillectomy for sore throats Tonsillectomy: bleeding and prediction Treatments for impetigo Verrucas and games Warts and all

Obesity and eating

Reducing childrens' TV viewing to prevent obesity Parents and childhood obesity Risk factors for childhood obesity The effectiveness of a school-based programme to reduce obesity Obesity and health Getting children to eat more fruit and vegetables

Glue ear and ear infections

Parental smoking and middle ear infection Autoinflation for glue ear S-carboxymethylcysteine for glue ear Glue Ear - a Sticky Problem Steroids for glue ear Acute otitis media

MMR and autism

Autism cases level off MMR and autism - Denmark Perinatal risk factors for autism Cost of autism in Britain Gastrointestinal disease and autism Measles vaccination schedules MMR and autism - US conference MMR and autism: UK database study MMR vaccination and autism More on MMR and autism Even more on MMR MMR and febrile seizures No evidence for new variant of autism caused by MMR Thiomersal not linked to autism


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