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Aspirin and pancreatic cancer


Clinical bottom line

Pancreatic cancer risk was not changed by use of aspirin.


RJ Menezes et al. Regular use of aspirin and pancreatic cancer risk. BMC Public Health 2002 2:18 ( ).


The study population was individuals at a cancer institute between 1982 and 1998 who agreed to complete a comprehensive epidemiological questionnaire. There were 194 with primary pancreatic cancer. Controls were 582 individuals randomly selected from a pool of over 7,000 individuals receiving treatment for non-cancer conditions.

The questionnaire covered use of tobacco, alcohol, family history, occupational and environmental expose, medical history, and diet. Also included were questions assessing aspirin use, about how much was taken, how often, and for how long.


Case and control patients had an average age of 62 years, and about 45% were women. Neither crude nor adjusted odds ratios showed much deviation from unity, and no statistical relationship was seen with use of aspirin, or number of tablets, or duration of aspirin use.


There was no support for any effect of aspirin on pancreatic cancer.