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Useful Internet links about vaccines and vaccination

Bandolier has tried to take some of the pain out of looking for useful sites on vaccines for professionals and consumers by doing a bit of searching and checking. Any site that took more than 20 seconds to load we omitted, because we have fast access and the patience of a gnat. Those with slow access might take forever to open these sites. Otherwise the inclusion criteria are pretty broad - UK first, then any site that made us want to spend a few minutes and told us stuff we thought was interesting.

A simple tutorial on vaccines against viruses from Leicester University

This is pretty simple stuff, but there's some nice historical content here about how vaccine introduction dramatically cut infection rates for many viral disease.

SmithKlineBeecham's site about vaccines around the world

Really good site about 10 vaccines, with information about the disease, about the causative agent, about epidemiology and about prevention. There's hours of fun reading, and useful stuff for students and those wanting to update their knowledge. Well done SKB!

Vaccines in the 21st Century

A tutorial update on what vaccines of tomorrow will look like from the Student BMJ.

The Vaccine Page

Well organised materials for anyone interested in getting more information about vaccines.