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Palliative and supportive care links


On this page are gathered some useful links to places on the Internet that you may find useful. This list is anything but exhaustive.

Marie Curie

This is the main site for Marie Curie Cancer Care. It tells you all about what it does. Not much we could find in the way of hard evidence, but the stories from professionals and others are interesting, and at least let you know that you are not alone.

Kings Palliative Care Dept

This takes you into the website of the joint department of King's College School of Medicine and St Christopher's Hospice. It has information on the Master's degree in palliative care. It has access to the Halley Stewart Library, the specialist library at St Christopher's, and you can also fins all the department's publications from the mid 1990s. Lots of interesting stuff there, and the site looks as if it is still growing. Well worth a visit.

Hospice Foundation of America

As it says, this is a US site with lots of information, including that off how to locate a hospice in the USA.

Robert Wood Johnson Foundation

Here you can find the end of life physician education resource centre (EPERC). It is, as advertised, a resource, with a some good educational materials, information on publications, including videos, it has a discussion forum, and you can submit materials to it.

Institute of Cancer Research

Much on this site, but we really found the list of cancer-related Internet sites first-class. It is a well designed site, fast and easy to navigate.

UK Palliative Care links

This page of useful links for palliative care in the UK is set up and run by John Chambers, the Specialist Registrar at St Katherine's House Hospice, in Adderbury, Oxford, close to where Bandolier has enjoyed many a happy and not so happy hour on the golf course. It seems to cover so many useful links (National Council, Macmillan, Fundraisers and so on that it seems superfluous to repeat them.