Table: Randomised, double blind controlled trials of oral and rectal pirprofen for acute migraine treatment
Reference Patients Design Intervention Outcomes Results (main outcomes) Quality
Guidotti et al 1989 Adults with episodic headache or migraine, DNS diagnostic criteria, DNS when study med given, n=40 RCT, DB, CO, 2 attacks, rescue med allowed after 4 hours 1. Pirprofen 400 mg (rectal suppository) 2. Placebo Pain intensity VAS (0-100), headache duration, global assessment, analgesic consumption, associated symptoms Sub-group of 20 migraineurs assessed separately. NSD between pirprofen and placebo for pain intensity at 4 hours. Significant reduction in duration in pirprofen group compared with placebo. Adverse effects mild and of short duration R=1 DB=2 W=1 Total=4
Kinnunen et al 1988 Adults with migraine with or without aura according to non-IHS criteria (Ad Hoc committee), study med taken at migraine onset, n=61 RCT, DB, CO, 3 attacks, rescue with half study dose at 30 mins and 1 hour if needed, further rescue med if needed within 24 hours 1. Pirprofen 400 mg 2. Cafergot compound, 2 tabs 3. Placebo Attack aborted, analgesic consumption, pain intensity VAS, headache duration, working ability. Patient global assessment, VAS and duration only recorded if pain did not improve from baseline Pirprofen significantly better pain relief after single dose than placebo. No serious adverse effects reported. R=1 DB=1 W=1 Total=3
Abbreviations: IHS=International Headache Society; RCT=randomised controlled trial; DB=double blind; CO=crossover; DNS=did not state; VAS=visual analogue scale; NSD=no significant difference; R=randomised; W=withdrawals and dropouts

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