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Useful Internet links about migraine

Bandolier has tried to take some of the pain out of looking for useful sites on migraine for professionals and consumers by doing a bit of searching and checking. Any site that took more than 20 seconds to load we omitted, because we have fast access and the patience of a gnat. Those with slow access might take forever to open these sites. Otherwise the inclusion criteria are pretty broad - UK first, then any site that made us want to spend a few minutes and told us stuff we thought was interesting.

Migraine Action Association

The Migraine Action Association (formerly the British Migraine Association) is a registered charity with over 17,000 members and aims to bridge the gap between the migraine sufferer and the medical world by providing information on all aspects of the condition and its management. Useful for patients.

Migraine Trust

The Migraine Trust is the UK's leading medical research and patient support charity for the condition. The Trust is committed to supporting sufferers and their families by funding and promoting research, improving diagnosis and treatment, providing information and raising awareness of migraine as a significant public health problem. A UK Charity with good information and services for people with migraine and their doctors.

JAMA Migraine Information Center

This is a special site off the JAMA home page that has up to date information on migraine. Well worth a visit, and it will take much of the pain out of finding good information. It also has conference reports and background briefings, as well as a trawl through the latest literature and a list of websites on migraine that JAMA staff found useful.

International Headache Society

We've put this here because it is an important international society for migraine. The site lets you become a member, and there may be tons of stuff for members but precious little for non-members.

World Headache Alliance

Useful for those who have migraines and professionals, but not desperately intuitive. Looks like there's lots of material, but the web designers have had a field day, so most of what's there isn't immedialtly obvious. No browse facilities, which is a shame.

British Association for the Study of Headache

BASH has the mission statement "To relieve those affected by the burdens of headache". It is an important research organisation in the UK. The site tells you what BASH is doing, about the conferences it organises, and how to get in touch.

And some useful links from the USA

Migraine Disability Assessment Scale (MIDAS)

This site allows the MIDAS scale to be downloaded for use of your computer.

American Council for Headache Education (ACHE)

Migraine Awareness Group: A National Understanding for Migraineurs (MAGNUM)

American Academy of Neurology (treatment guidelines)

National Headache Foundation

American Headache Society


A migraine awareness group that will have some interesting stuff for patients.