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Subscribing and Electronic update (Editorial)

Subscribing to Bandolier
Electronic update

Subscribing to Bandolier

Here you can download a pdf subscription form for those of you who wish to continue to receive a monthly print copy when NHS funding ceases after July. By filling in the form and returning it to us (fax the completed form to us at 01865 226978 or email it as an attachment to ), your Bandolier will continue. Health service organisations and charities who can take Bandolier in bulk and distribute it themselves, or those who would like a bulk order for us to distribute, can contact us for preferential rates (fax 01865 226978 or email ). The aim will always be to keep costs to the public sector to a minimum.

No Bandolier after July unless you take out a subscription.

Electronic update

In the last few months Bandolier has been busy increasing the amount of material available on the Internet. Three areas have been extended.

We have been collecting systematic reviews in the area of benign prostatic hyperplasia, and the new BPH centre has a range of reviews on conventional and unconventional therapies.

Multiple sclerosis has been in the news of late, and what evidence we could find has been collected. This includes two new reviews. One is on intravenous immunoglobulins available on-screen and as a downloadable PDF. The second involves the use of cannabis for spasticity, including spasticity related to MS. There is evidence but little of quality, though there is some scientific background emerging. It is impossible to do a formal review, but what evidence that can be found is being collected and abstracted on-screen.

The Bandolier migraine site has also undergone a refit, with a number of important interventions updated and with results on different outcomes added. Also available is a special issue of Bandolier Extra on migraine as a downloadable PDF.

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