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This issue of Bandolier has largely been stimulated by questions raised by patients contacting Bandolier after visiting its Internet resources. Readers will not be surprised that one result has been finding more information on MMR and autism. Particularly interesting is a report of a CDC-sponsored conference that included professionals and parents. It is a sensible and sensitive read. The cost of autism is huge, and parents of autistic children are surprised that we know so little about it. As professionals we perhaps get too used to our own ingnorance and should wonder at it more often.

This month there is a related issue on antiphospholipid antibodies and pregnancy loss, a relatively new topic for Bandolier , yet within days a new systematic review hove into sight. But there are few trials, so how do we judge when quality and size may be compromised? Some wisdom words can help. And what about all this new genetics stuff the pointy heads keep coming up with? Jargon apart, the tools we have and use now help us understand it.

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