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Information Mastery: An Evidence-Based Approach to Information Management

Seventh Annual Workshop on Information Mastery at The University of Virginia,
Charlottesville, VA, April 3 - 6, 2002.

Practicing and teaching Evidence-Based Health Care (EBHC) requires more than just journal reading skills. Current EBHC techniques are time-consuming and rarely employed by the busy clinician. In addition to answering patient-specific questions, practicing clinicians are frequently in the mode of "keeping-up-to-date", often with new information provided by CME, experts/colleagues, pharmaceutical representatives, newsletters, practice guidelines and other sources. In this mode, the issue of RELEVANCE becomes paramount - clinicians must know not only HOW to read, but WHAT and WHEN. They need POEMs (Patient-Oriented Evidence that Matters) vs DOEs (Disease-Oriented Evidence). Please see Shaughnessy and Slawson, BMJ 1999 at

This highly interactive four day workshop focuses on strategies to manage the entire array of available information in a practical and time efficient manner. Participants will be given instructions and materials aimed at allowing them to teach an Evidence-Based curriculum at their home institutions. The use of handheld computer software containing "just-in-time" versus "just-in-case" information (e.g. InfoRetriever) will be demonstrated.

Please join us for this spectacular spring event in the Blue Ridge Mountains of "Mr. Jefferson's Virginia"! We have also scheduled a private tour of Monticello, Mr. Jefferson's home in the mountains. For further information please check out the following website for information (

David C. Slawson, MD B. Lewis Barnett, Jr. Professor of Family Medicine University of Virginia Health System, Box 800729 Charlottesville, VA 22908 (Voice) 434.924.1617 (Fax) 434.244.7539

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