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eBandolier (Editorial)

Weekly visitors to Bandolier's electronic resource now number almost 90,000, so here is an update on electronic expansion. New electronic content is 3-4 times more extensive than it is on paper. There is every issue of Bandolier in downloadable format , a searchable database , and masses of stuff where we've gathered together useful information and evidence. And it's FAST , so no boring waiting.

The survey in Bandolier 85 was helpful in moulding our plans. With the other "market research", it helps keep us relevant. As a result, we hope to launch an AF site in July, an arthritis site in July/August, and a "genetics for idiots" expansion later in the year. In the meantime:

Palliative and Supportive Care is the first response to your feedback. This is being developed with the Cochrane PaPaS SRG, and with support from the BUPA foundation. Tricky territory, but there's much to do.
Migraine has been expanded in a major way, and is now looking much as we want it to. It has a raft of new systematic reviews on various treatments.
Managing to make a difference now has a series of three web essays on managing to make a difference. This has been the top section for visits over the past month, and has nearly 200 individual stories that could be helpful. There are more abstracts of useful literature.
Healthy living grows using Bandolier's own resources. There are new sections on alcohol (which type is best for better health) and on obesity. In the next month we will be updating Bandolier's 10-tips for healthy living in response to more evidence, and including a section on how to lose weight.
Complementary and alternative therapy has been updated with evidence from more reviews. Some work, many don't, and there's harm as well as (sometimes) benefit. Probably the most comprehensive bundle of evidence on CAT to be found on the web.
Diagnostics and diagnosis is in the process of expansion over the next month. Look out for web essays and extracts from papers with good diagnostic information.
Vaccines , again in response to readers' requests pulls together as much as we can, especially all the stuff on MMR. As time and resources permit, we'll expand it.

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