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Bandolier 85 Index

Informing our decisions (Editorial)
Glucosamine and arthritis update
Identifying patients likely to fall in hospital
Obesity and health
Adverse events: can we trust the data?

This month Bandolier has a simple form that can be downloaded (pdf) , then printed, faxed or posted or emailed to us. We want to know what topics you would like to see covered (and why if there's enough space). We want to know what parts of the Internet site you would like to see developed, either those we have or those we do not have. We want to know about people in the NHS who have made real progress in improving the service that we could write about in ImpAct , based on being measureable, affordable and transferable. And finally there's a free text box for the things we haven't thought about.

Bandolier and ImpAct PDFs available

Bandolier wants to be useful, so we have a new service, with a page where you can download Acrobat PDF (Portable Document Format) versions of back and current issues of Bandolier and ImpAct.

You can also obtain floppy disk PDF versions of the Annuals (1-20, 21-34, 1997, 1998, 1999), which are readable on any computer with Acrobat Reader version 3. If you are interested, please fax +44 1865 226978, or email Bandolier, and we'll get details to you. More details here .

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