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The Oxford Masters Programme In Evidence-Based Healthcare

The Masters in Evidence-Based Health Care is an innovative three-year, part-time programme that includes a Postgraduate Certificate, Diploma and MSc. The purpose of this Programme is to help health professionals base their clinical and health management decisions on valid, reliable and relevant evidence, determined by sound scientific research and evaluation.

Health professionals and people working in health related fields can apply to complete the entire programme, or attend selected modules. The programme focuses on using the principles of evidence-based health to address issues that students are encountering in the workplace. Students have used their experiences on the course to:

♦ identify evidence that can be used to address clinical and health management issues
♦ teach evidence-based health care to their colleagues
♦ design and maintain clinical effectiveness programmes
♦ prepare papers, make local and national presentations and prepare research.

For information on future course see the website
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