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The Bandolier electronic resource continues to grow and try and make itself more useful. You might lose your paper copies behind the sofa, but the electronic version can always be found. For the new year eBandolier has had a makeover and reorganisation. It also has plans to expand in 2001. The areas for expansion include, but are not restricted to:

Diagnostics and diagnosis , supported by the NeLH, sees additional abstracts of good evidence, and examples about how to think about tests and methods.

Migraine is now a major site, sponsored by the Gwen Bush Foundation and MSD, with many systematic reviews conducted especially for Bandolier , as well as information about how trials are conducted, their outcomes, diagnosis, and what patients think.

Healthy living grows using Bandolier 's own resources. In 2001 we would love to hear about practical methods people have found to influence us to change to healthier lifestyles.

Complementary and alternative therapy pulls together the best evidence we have found in this area, supported by the BUPA Foundation. More will come, plus help on how to think about issues like quality and validity.

New in 2001 are planned sites on atrial fibrillation , on vaccines , and on palliative care , because these are areas on which readers have asked us to concentrate.

Managing to make a difference . Supported by the NeLH and NHSE we plan a series of web essays by Michael Dunning (of GRiP, PACE and ImpAct fame) on how to make a difference. This month the web essay is on avoiding elephant traps. More stories from the literature and examples of good management in the NHS continue to be added. Below we tell you how you can contribute.

Sharing success

This month we have added several new pieces to the Bandolier/ImpAct website. Two case studies were sent to us because those involved wanted to share their work with colleagues and saw ImpAct as a good way of doing so. They are part of our growing post bag.

We do not have space to include all the material we receive in the paper version of ImpAct but we can post them on our website. It's a good place to be: the hit rate is about 80,000 per week and rising. Our main criteria are:
the change must be measurable, it should be affordable, and it must be transferable

If you want to join in, we will help you prepare the report for publication.

The Oxford Masters Programme In Evidence-Based Healthcare is advertied here .

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