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Bandolier 82 Index

Thinking time directive (Onslow's law)
Washing hands reduces hospital-acquired infection
Genital wart treatments
Melatonin for jet lag?
Cancer Test 'Holy Grail'?
Meeting Announcements

When space permits Bandolier likes to carry announcements about important conferences. Four this month, three in the paper version and one more on the net. In January is the PRICCE conference in Canterbury on NSFs for heart disease. The Centre for Evidence-Based Medicine in Oxford has its annual jamboree on how to practice EBM in April . If you like the idea of the Blue Ridge mountains in the Spring, go for "Information Mastery: An Evidence-Based Approach to Information Management" in Charlottesville, also in April. Details at

Last, but not least, is ICECAP in Alicante in September. The International Collaboration of Evidence-based Critical Care, Anaesthesia and Pain, is in association with the Cochrane review group on pain, palliative and supportive care, and the IASP special interest group on systematic reviews.

Bandolier and ImpAct PDFs available

Bandolier wants to be useful, so we have a new service, with a page where you can download Acrobat PDF (Portable Document Format) versions of back and current issues of Bandolier and ImpAct.

You can also obtain floppy disk PDF versions of the Annuals (1-20, 21-34, 1997, 1998, 1999), which are readable on any computer with Acrobat Reader version 3. If you are interested, please fax +44 1865 226978, or email Bandolier, and we'll get details to you. More details here .

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