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Regular visitors to Bandolier here on the Internet will have seen a number of changes over the last few months. There will be more in coming months, as Internet Bandolier becomes much, much more than an electronic form of the paper edition. To list what is here right now:

More services

The intention is to keep the Internet site growing much faster than we can deliver information through the paper version. A list of specialist subsites is shown in the Table. For several of these we have obtained sponsorship to allow rapid accretion of evidence where it exists, as the links at the foot of the story show.

Management is supported by the NHSE. It already has about 150 articles from Bandolier and ImpAct concerning management, evidence, and change.

The Oxford Pain Internet Site was previously sponsored by the BUPA foundation and MSD to get it started, and results of more meta-analyses and other evidence continue to be added.

Complementary therapy is sponsored by the BUPA Foundation. Systematic reviews and other evidence on complementary and alternative therapy are being abstracted and added to the site. Many more will be added this month.

Migraine is being sponsored by the Gwen Bush Foundation and MSD. This has only just started, but rapid growth will be seen in the next few months.

Healthy living is without sponsorship. Bandolier considers this to be a topic of such importance that the work is being done despite not having resources to do it.

Monthly email alert

We are also experimenting with one further service. If you register your email address with Bandolier we will email you each month when a new issue goes live. The email will tell you what is new on the Internet site each month. This will also be accessible from the home page.

Subscribe and enjoy the paper version, but there's more on the Internet.

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