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Great web sites for students of things medical

Bandolier is starting to collect together Internet sites which provide useful information for medical students, nurses and PAMs, as well as those of us who have completed our training but want a refresher. Sites are being collected by Owen Moore, a third year student at Queen's, Belfast. If you know of good sites, send them to him to collate at: . The first offering follows.

Excellent pictures and teaching resources, plus a lot on musculoskeletal stuff.

Smashing - you can take a history, examine and request different tests. There are 20 patients to play with.

This is a website dedicated to medical and premedical students. The links to step 1 look very useful. Though the whole site is completely US, it looks worth a browse.

Found this from a place called the virtual hospital at from a link for practitioners. It has enough links to online textbooks to make you cry. At the moment I've only looked at the electronic orthopaedic textbook which looks good despite having nothing about arthritis. But there is also a list of internet directories and search engines and some clinical stuff. You'll be happy to see a link to the Cochrane Collaboration under EBM.

Seems quite complete with mix of medicine, book searches and financial/lifestyle news, though more social and commercial than most sites.

This looks to have a lot of good info, but again is mainly North American and most of the clinical stuff is through direct links from s2smed.
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