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Evidence-based healthy living

Bandolier has quietly been running the evidence rule over strategies for healthy living. Many of us now justify the things we enjoy, drinking red wine for example, on the basis that we will live for ever if we can cope with five glasses a day. Other things we have to do to attain immortality, more or less pleasant, are to eat grapes, exercise vigorously three times a week, or even eat vegetables, and again the evidence suggests that by doing these things we are protected against heart disease, or cancer, or whatever. The evidence is that simple life style shifts can indeed be worthwhile.

Bandolier uses a definition of healthy living wide enough to encompass alternative therapies which many patients use - glucosamine for arthritis and St John's Wort for mild depression have evidence of efficacy. Bandolier has begun to aggregate stories on its Internet site into a healthy-living section using this wide umbrella definition.

This issue of Bandolier is devoted to healthy-living questions. Many concern contraception ( here and here ), others the benefits of new fat spreads , and even a review of the cardiovascular effects of eating eggs for those of us who still feel guilty when having the occasional bacon and egg breakfast. You will find the risk of becoming pregnant with unprotected intercourse, the chance of a condom slipping or breaking in flagrante , and how fallible home pregnancy tests can be.

Healthy-living feedback

Bandolier 's job is to find the evidence and present it to you. Not always easy in the healthy living zone. We welcome your help as to the questions which you are asked as a professional, those that you ask yourself as a consumer, and those that tickle your intellectual fancy.

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