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Bandolier conference: Pain - where's the evidence?

Pain - where's the evidence?

These two conferences will take place on July 6 th and July 8 th in London and Manchester respectively. In London the venue will be the Royal College of Pathologists in Carlton House Terrace near Trafalgar Square. In Manchester we have booked a conference suite in Terminal 2 at Manchester Airport - convenient for parking, for rail, and for anyone travelling from further afield by air. The meetings will start at about 9.30 am and will finish by 5.00 pm.

The themes of the meetings are the quality, validity and availability of evidence for the treatment of acute and chronic pain. The new Bandolier Oxford Pain Internet site will be unveiled. The preliminary programme includes the following:

• Pain - how big is the problem? Methods in pain reviews: quality and validity Acute pain - the evidence The Oxford Internet Pain Site Chronic pain - the evidence Arthritic pain - the evidence Adverse effects of NSAIDs Economic considerations Guideline developments - using the evidence

We hope to have additional information on evidence-based pain for nurses, and information on the Cochrane Collaboration group on Pain, Palliative and Supportive Care.

The meeting will be useful for those in primary and secondary care, for nurses and pharmacists as well as doctors. We have places for about 80 people for each venue, and the cost is a mere £50, and that includes a free paperback copy of the book 'An evidence-based resource for pain relief'.

For more details please fax Eileen on 01865 226978, or write to her at the Bandolier address. If you want to book early, please send a cheque made out to Bandolier and tell us which venue you want and whether you have any special dietary requirements.


We would love to hear from anyone who has used evidence in pain relief to make a difference. Some people have asked in previous Bandolier conferences to put up posters. If you would like to, then please fax Anna Oldman on the Bandolier number (01865 226978).

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