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Electrons whizz

There are many good courses on EBM, but there is no better way to understand the intellectual poverty of much research than to actually do a systematic review. Employers should encourage employees to get stuck in. The benefits resulting from better-informed and more experienced people will show in no time.

Short-term secondments from the NHS to academia, or to and from industry, can help cross-fertilisation of ideas. Bandolier is pleased to be able to help in this edition by carrying job advertisements (at no charge) for the Centre for Reviews and Dissemination, and for Pfizer, which is setting up an in-house evidence-based medicine department. Much of the health care industry has been trying to understand what evidence-based medicine means to them, and Bandolier hopes that other companies will follow Pfizer's lead.

Electrons whizz

Many vacancies for doctors in the UK are now advertised electronically on at . puts up job adverts completely free of charge to the NHS. For details contact Heidi Laughton: ; Phone: 01235 828401; Fax: 01235 862791. also has the Cochrane Library completely free of charge to all its members. In the South and West Region you can also get the Cochrane Library free at .

Bandolier conference on pain

"Pain - where's the evidence?" is the title of Bandolier conferences planned for London and Manchester on July 6 and 8. Fax 01865 226978 for details.

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